HQ Vinh Long RVN 1967-70
199th RAC
307th CAB
1st Avn Brgd
13th CAB
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199th Avn RAC, RVN 1967-70 U.S.  Army
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    Binh Hoa July, 1967            Dad, Camp Jackson, SC 1918    Turned 21 at Hood.    Drafted at 26 discharged War ended
Vinh Long 1967                             Neighborhood Watch 2017 (chuckle)    : )
Step Dad 30 yr USN retired CPO 1945
Grand father registered for draft Chicago, didn’t serve, Civil War
Great Grand Father joined the Army in NYC, Army decided not to have a war and discharged.
My family came to NYC from Tuam, Galway, Ir. in 1842 caught between the Famine and the Crown
I am from Chicago and grew up in L.A. Missouri feels like FREEDOM